Here at Stick It 2 Me, there are a number of ways to order your vinyl Stickers. We cater for professional companies / design houses with print ready artwork, right through to the individual with absolutely NO MINIMUM ORDERS.

We print 1000's of Stickers a day, on a wide variety of media, White vinyl, Clear vinyl and Coloured / Speciality vinyls (Gold,Chrome, etc). If you after something unique, not available via our online systems, dont hesitate to contact us directly.
Click Here for information on Cutting Styles General Question? See Our FAQ
35 mm
45 mm
50 mm
60 mm
76 mm
100 mm
AUTOMATIC (See confirmation)
*Choose CUSTOM SIZE to enable these inputs
**Stickers can be a maximum of 300mm x 300mm
Strip(s) of a number of stickers, cheapest option
Minimum order is 1 Sticker

We'll get you the best fit to your image, let us make you a pretty Sticker!
Experienced users, edit your cutting paths finalise your Sticker yourself!
*Requesting a proof WILL delay your order if you do not respond to our approval email in a timely fashion. Please make sure you check your SPAM folder if this is your first order with us.