The artwork uploaded is the linchpin in order to get the best quality out of the sticker designer. The larger the image and the better the quality, will result in smoother cut lines and a higher quality printed output.

The general rule of thumb is, if you're sticker looks pixellated/poor in the sticker designer, it will most likely look the same as a printed sticker. It is recommended that you upload an image that is physically greater in size than the sticker you want to produce, by atleast 25% and at 150 dpi.

All our printers operate in CMYK, but either RGB or CMYK pallette images are accepted by the system.


You should allow for ~0.5mm inaccuracy from our systems, but it doesnt depend on the design of the sticker and the cutting path. We will always endeavor to give the best possible quality, and will get in contact with you, if we think we need to make changes or your sticker design for better output.


We offer a wide range of vinyls, chrome/ speciality, coloured, high tact, low tact, air release, but in the interest of keeping our online systems simple for the average user, we do not offer these in any of our online quick stickers, or sticker designers. For bespoke materials please contact us directly!

DIECUT is Custom-shaped stickers. Our cutters cut through the sticker material and the backing material to give your custom sticker a shape that is as unique as the artwork on it!. The simple fact is that to cut through thicker materials, the cutters must run slower, thus is takes longer.

Kiss Cut stickers include light cuts within the border of your stickers. When stickers are created with kiss cuts, it means they can be peeled out of the backing material and the backing material remains. Multiple Kiss Cuts on one sticker are usually called a “sticker sheet”.

In the sticker world sharp points or corners makes stickers more more likely to peal off in those locations. If you sticker is likely to get rubbed or take a degree of abuse you can limit chance of pealing by using rounded corners.

There are several reasons why you might want to print your logo on clear vinyl, the most common being you want to see the colour behind where you intend to stick your sticker. Ideally if your going to use clear vinyl, your artwork / image must be on a transparent background.

If your image / artwork contains WHITE areas, the general rule of thumb is that these wont be printed, unless requested. HOWEVER light colours in your image, must be white backed in order to reflect the proper colour.

It is also worth noting that when you print on clear, that the colour you stick your sticker onto will greatly effect the colours within your sticker. For instance, if you place your sticker on top of a bright red object and your sticker is has yellow, this text will likely take a slight shade of orange or be lost completely.

9/10 times we will make these call's for you when you order on clear vinyl, but we will contact you if needed.